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  • 19 March 2020

Join IDEACLOUD 2020, KTG Invites to Take Care of Land and Water

Surabaya - Tancorp successfully held the biggest business event in Surabaya with the headline "IDEACLOUD 2020". The event which was held at Voza Premium Office Surabaya was held for 3 days, 13-15 March 2020.

The event which was attended by 60 speakers from various business fields successfully attracted thousands of visitors who have interests in business and entrepreneurs, especially for millennials. Hopefully, this event can be a means for businessmen and entrepreneurs to meet, discuss and connect. Tri Rismaharini, the Mayor of Surabaya, who also took part as a speaker at the event, invited millennials to be smart in seeing opportunities and never lose heart in building a business.

Not only featuring speakers, in this event, Tancorp as the owner of the event also opened booths that were filled by the shade business groups from various business lines such as Avian, Cleo mineral water, Hotel Solaris and others. KTG, as one of the Tancorp business groups, enlivened the event by exhibiting the mainstay products in the fields of agriculture and geosynthetics, namely Mulsa Topi Gunung and Geoprotec.

Eliana Widijansih as the GM KTG also did not miss being a speaker at the event. By carrying out the theme "Land and Water", Ms. Eliana wanted to provide information that KTG as manufacture in the field of plastics also helped in the preservation and maintenance of land and water with products made like Geoprotec that could be used as coatings and covers in the Waste Landfill which could protect the land from waste toxic or Mountain Hat Mulch which can protect the soil from excess chemicals due to uncontrolled use of fertilizers.

In addition to presenting KTG products that have a role to protect nature, Eliana also invited 2 fellow customers who have felt the benefits of using Geoprotec such as Mr. Gery who told the advantages of Geoprotec in his catfish pond business and also Izza from Jember Futura Energy who used Geopembrane Geoprotec for Biogas making containers from cow dung.

On the closing day, Hermanto Tanoko as CEO of the Tancorp Group invited the audience to millennial continue to innovate in business. In addition to innovating, passion becomes an important foundation in doing business, because Mr. Hermanto believes that passion can become the strength of a product and differentiation of business people.




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