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Internationally Accredited

As a company with a global vision, KTG is always committed to deliver excellent products and services. Armed with a strong commitment, KTG is currently in the process of obtaining and implementing ISO 9001: 2008. This ISO section deals with the following:

  1. Applying quality assurance in every production process, from raw material selection, manufacturing, packing to shipping
  2. Implement good two-way communication with clients.
  3. Carry out continuous improvement process.

Trusted & Reliable Partner

KTG is a reliable and reliable partner. For local partners, KTG has several advantages:
  1. Faster delivery period
  2. Customization of products as needed
  3. Varied range of sizes
  4. Flexibility service
  5. Official DISTRIBUTOR does not need to build stockis

Advanced and Integrated Technology

KTG believes that innovation is the ultimate weapon for achieving long-term success. This strong commitment to innovation drives companies to use sophisticated technological machines to maintain a stable and viable production process. 

This modern, integrated computer technology helps store up to date and easily traceable production data at every stage. Well-documented procedures and neat recording systems have been implemented to ensure the creation of a more practical system to deliver products that meet customer expectations. 

Utilization of information technology by using intramail system within company to ensure information safe and fast with purpose to improve operational process efficiency.

Committed to Saving The Environment

To build an active industry is a decision that can not be separated from the responsibility to preserve the surrounding environment. Therefore, KTG is not only aimed at serving customers, but also ensuring environmental sustainability and natural resources.

As an environmentally conscious company, KTG utilizes its own waste production as recyclable materials for reuse in the production process, without sacrificing product quality by operating the recycling process within the company.

In addition, KTG also uses materials that are easily biodegradable in some products according to customer demand.

Dedicated and Highly Qualified Professionals

KTG believes that human resources are the company's most valuable asset. It can even be said that the company's success depends on its ability to build a positive and productive workforce. 

KTG always sets high standards especially in employee recruitment process. All employees of the company are competent and experienced professionals. KTG also manages employee incentive and training programs that aim to build and motivate employees while bringing them to better levels of performance. 

In recognition of employees for their hard work and loyalty, KTG is committed to fully complying with the requirements of the Employment Law in Indonesia by providing a safe, healthy and conducive working environment.


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