R&D Head

Job Description:
1. Manage the process of research & development of products in accordance with customer expectations & needs
2. Manage the engineering & development design project effectively and on time
3. Creating a work system that ensures timeliness in managing the R & D process to get the right timings
4. Helps & encourages the team while being able to guide the team to identify potential problems while finding solutions

1. Male / female, max age 40 years
2. Graduates S1 in all majors
3. Have a minimum of 2 years experience in development products
4. Have high creativity, have knowledge of mechanical and electrical production machinery, have leadership and planning capabilities and are able to provide work motivation for the team.



1. Male - minimum age of 27 years
2. Minimum S1 in Mechanical Engineering
3. Experienced min. 5 years
4. Able to make a report / identification of structured problems
5. Able to handle project / improvement comprehensively
6. Able / accustomed to using the Minitab & Microsoft Project application
7. Understand and be able to apply 5S & ISO


1. Plan and supervise repair activities carried out accordingly
  with a planned schedule
2. Allocate workload & oversee maintenance of production machinery
3. Monitor the use / use of production process aids
4. Make a report on the repair activities that have been carried out
5. Coordinate work with team members / maintenance operators

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