Engineering Head

Job Description:
1. Plan & manage the process of cost efficiency in the fields of energy, fuel, and engine maintenance costs.
2. Manage engine maintenance & repair processes effectively and look for potential broken engines to ensure product quality and production processes smoothly according to plan.
3. Plan & manage the machine repair process effectively and efficiently
4. Helps & encourages the team while being able to guide the team to identify potential problems while finding solutions
5. Building a preventive work system to improve the quality of the process and suppress the potential for downtime.

1. Male max age 40 years
2. Graduates of S1 Mechanical Engineering
3. Having a minimum of 2 years experience in Engineering
4. Has mechanical and electrical capabilities of production machines, has leadership and troubleshooting skills and is able to provide work motivation for the team.


1. Men or women aged 27-45 years
2. S1 graduates of all majors
3. Have experience in product marketing and sales strategies and increase the competency of the sales team at least 2 years
4. Have selling skills, marketing skills, management skills and leadership.
5. Have aectivity, thorough, detailed, decision-making based on data.
6. Able to operate mircosoft office, English (oral & written)
Job Description:
1. Managing the process of Sales & Marketing Agriculture, Geosynthetic and B2B
2. Manage sales administration processes
3. Maintain customer loyalty and pay performance.


Spesifikasi :
1. Laki laki minimal D3 Jurusan Teknik
2.Diutamakan yang berpengalaman minimal 2 tahun dan yang mengetahui tentang proses pembuatan produk plastik
4.Mempunyai skill Leadeship, skill planning, skill reporting , skill kreatifitas dan skill komunikasi &koordinasi
5. Memiliki karakter cekatan, teliti, details dalam mengambil keputusan berdasarkan data.
6.Mampu mengoperasikan microsoft office dan bahasa Inggris minimal pasif

Memimpin proses produksi mulai dari persiapan sampai produk jadi sesuai dengan target kualitas dengan biaya produksi se efisien mungkin.
1.Melakukan proses setting machine
2. Menentukan parameter terbaik dan kestabilan mesin serta penataan produk jadi sesuai SPK dan Control Plan
3. Mampu melakukan troubleshooting , membagi tugas tim, pengecekan kualitas, perencanaan produksi dan monitor proses produksi secara efektif.

R&D Head

Job Description:
1. Manage the process of research & development of products in accordance with customer expectations & needs
2. Manage the engineering & development design project effectively and on time
3. Creating a work system that ensures timeliness in managing the R & D process to get the right timings
4. Helps & encourages the team while being able to guide the team to identify potential problems while finding solutions

1. Male / female, max age 40 years
2. Graduates S1 in all majors
3. Have a minimum of 2 years experience in development products
4. Have high creativity, have knowledge of mechanical and electrical production machinery, have leadership and planning capabilities and are able to provide work motivation for the team.


1. Male / female
2. Age less than 40 years
3. Minimum S1 Accounting graduates, experienced in financial data analysis

Job description:
1. Supervise and analyze production costs, maintenance costs, official travel expenses, and other costs related to the company's cash flow.
2. Perform budgeting analysis
3. Provide recommendations for improvement based on the results of the analysis and audit conducted.